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The Simrad AI50 class B AIS transponder offers boat owners the most exciting new development in the safety of navigation.


  • Shows ships name and MMSI
  • Type of vessel, e.g. Tanker, Cargo, Pleasure, Sail, etc.
  • Calculates Closest Point of Approach
  • Calculates Time to CPA
  • The selected vessel´s present Course
  • The selected vessel´s current Speed
  • The selected vessel´s current Heading
  • The selected vessel´s current Rate of Turn

Simrad AI50 - Be in control - avoid collisions at sea

The Simrad AI50 AIS transponder offers boat owners the most exciting new development in the safety of navigation. All large commercial vessels including ferries, cargo and passenger ships already carry AIS.

Now Simrad Yachting is introducing the first compact Class “B” AIS with a color display. Class “A” transponders used on commercial ships have many features not needed by recreational users making them expensive. The class “B” standard offers all the visibility and benefits of the class “A” without the complications. The result is that AIS is now affordable for all users. Mounted at the helm, the Simrad AI50 offers unsurpassed simplicity of operation and clarity of information.  The Simrad AI50 shows information from other ships.


Blind spots and large waves

With radar antennas mounted high above sea level, smaller vessels can remain undetected below the beam, mistaken as waves or lost in vessel blind spots.


Identification with blocked view

With Simrad AI50 you can see or trace other vessels equipped with AIS Transponders, even in the dark, or when the radar’s line-of-sight is blocked. Vessel information at a glance AIS (Automatic Identification System) comes into its own when the helmsman cannot see the position of the other targets around him. Uniquely, the Simrad AI50 offers a daylight viewable color display to plot the relative position of the other ships. Adjustable range, with range rings and coast outline covering the whole world, make interpreting the ships position as easy as reading a chart. Cursor control and the INFO key make identifying ships a real breeze.  Vessels may be tracked and their CPA and TCPA calculated, offering the helmsman ample warning of impending close approach or dangerous situation


“Buddy Tracking”

Enter the MMSI numbers of friends and regular contacts, also fitted with AIS, into your Favorites list. As soon as a listed vessel sails into the view of your Simrad AI50, you will be alerted to its presence. This valuable feature will be of great benefit to flotilla operators, racing sailors, fishermen, and even commercial operators.


Bracket or flush mounted?

The new design allows the Simrad AI50 to be easily flush mounted, standing or hanging from the supplied bracket.


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Simrad AIS awarded Sail Magazine Pittman Innovation accolade

Navico has been awarded SAIL Magazine's annual Pittman Innovation award for the Simrad AI50, in recognition of innovation within the Electronics category.

The Simrad AI50 class B AIS transponder offers boat owners the most exciting new development in the safety of navigation.



Display Type VGA TFT 102mm (4in)
Backlighting LED (Red or White)


NMEA 0183 Interface OUT: 38kbaud VDM, VDO, RMC, ALR, IN: 38kbaud for configuration & testing only
Connectors VHF Antenna PL259, GPS Antenna SMB


Sensitivity < -107dBm for 20% PER microV


Waterproof Standard IP67
Width 201 mm \ 7.9 in
Height 133 mm \ 5.2 in
Depth 77 mm \ 3 in
Weight 1 kg \ 2.2 lbs
Operating Temperature -15°C to +55°C


Power Supply 10.8 – 15.6VDC vDC
Power Consumption <1A


EMC IEC60945
Other Features

2W Output Power

Type Approval IEC62287-1
Type Of Equipment Class B for use on non-SOLAS craft

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