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Powerful plug-and-play electronic charting choices for supreme navigational awareness. Simply insert into your Simrad NSS, NSE or NSO chartplotter for the greatest detail possible.


Navionics® Platinum+ 3D.
  Navionics® Platinum+ 3D with satellite overlay.
Three levels of charting
Three levels of Navionics charts are available for your Simrad chartplotter: Ready to Navigate, Gold and Platinum+. These chart options provide the best in electronic marine charting with far more information than a paper chart alone and are incredibly easy to use and navigate with!
Ready to Navigate
This charting provides detailed bathymetric charts along with depth contours, spot soundings, port plans, port service guides, navigation aids and more. It is the perfect charting for those who just want to get out and get moving with simple, easy to read information. Read more
A powerful boating and fishing reference tool, Gold level charting provides detailed bathymetric charts and all the benefits of Ready to Navigate charting plus tides, currents, wrecks, port plans, marsh areas, marine services, coastal roads and points of interest which include phone numbers.  Read more
The most advanced technology and best imaging available in multidimensional charts, Platinum+ cartography builds on the power of Gold charting and provides complete coast pilot guides, panoramic pictures, 3D/2D views with satellite imagery, Points of Interest, aerial photography and built-in offshore fishing detail.  Read more

Base Map, embedded in some plotters

Memory Card

Navionics Freshest data (includes all Navionics latest chart updates)

Free Downloadable Updates for one year

Free PC App (upon Webstore registration)

Paper Chart-like
Depth Contours and Spot Soundings
Limited to 10 m
Best chart range
1/2 nm
1/32 nm
1/32 nm
Port plans
Full Marina details

Comprehensive Tide and Current database

Turboview™ compatible (w/select chartplotters)

Full Seamless with I/C technology (Intelligent Clarity)
User-Selectable Safety Depth Contours
Limited to 5 m
Navaids with XPLAIN (Navaid description feature)
Port services (Fuel, transient berths, repairs, etc. w/phone nos. where available)

High-resolution satellite photo overlay

3-Dimensional view

Panoramic port photos

Geo-referenced coastal Pilot Books

Coastal points-of-interest

Comprehensive Wreck database

Compatible with PC planning kits
Charts Powered by TurboView™
With Simrad NSS, NSE and NSO models, TurboView greatly enhances the display of all Navionics charting for supreme situational awareness. The result is seamless zooming and with transition between 2D and 3D modes, improved shadowing for greater depth perception, real-time overlay of navigation data on 3D contour profiles, and a special FlyThru feature that integrates high-speed chart panning and zooming with photography for a new boater perspective.
One year of free updates for your new chart

Why update your chart? Water levels fluctuate, buoys change, and new data is constantly being added the Navionics chart database. We make over 10,000 changes every week! Freshest Data gives you access to Navionics’ most current database which includes the latest notices to mariners, updated tides and currents, port plans, and points of interest, improved bathymetric coverage, new data sets, pro staff data, updated coastlines and dock placement, and underwater structure such as road beds, foundations, bridges, creeks, ponds, and more.


New 2012 Navionics products are eligible for unlimited updates* to the nautical chart for one year. Freshest Data updates are available online for Gold and Platinum+ marine charts, HotMaps Premium and HotMaps Platinum lake maps for North America, and new downloadable regions. Visit the Navionics website for more details.

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