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Blue Water Cruiser

BLUE WATER Having durable, reliable instruments on board when sailing across oceans, between islands, and in some of the most remote parts of the world is incredibly important and that is why quality, comfortable cruising yachts like Swan, X-Yachts and Oyster choose B&G. Traditional unobtrusive styling complements sleek and contemporary interiors while the system offers integral cruising features such as multi-function alarm systems.

Key System Components include:

H3000 Hydra CPU

ACP Pilot

GFD displays

Analogue displays

Benefits of this system

Performance, reliability and durability have all been proven in some of the world’s toughest ocean races and adventures. Additional safety and cruising features include extensive alarm options, logs and dead-reckoning features.

Barometric Pressure and Air Temperature sensors monitor weather trends and Remote Vision provides access to all instruments and pilot functions from anywhere onboard.

The Halcyon Gyro Compass provides the best in Pilot performance.


Vertical Masthead Unit for more stable wind readings, enhancing Pilot performance

Loadcells for safety load monitoring

Additional displays for owner’s cabin

Deckman software for weather routing on offshore voyages

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