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Handheld VHF

For users looking for the ultimate in handheld VHF radios, Simrad Yachting’s renowned HT series is used by coastguards, rescue agencies and armed services around the world, as well as leisure users demanding the very best.

Tough, dependable and waterproof to one metre, the Simrad HT50 and Simrad HT53 handheld VHF radios share all the same basic features, with the Simrad HT53 handheld VHF radios additionally capable of operating with an external microphone or headset.

Features include a simple to use keypad, all international and country-specific channels, scan, 1200Ah NiMH battery pack, drop-in base charger, keypad lock and more. 

When turned on, channel 16 will automatically be selected.

Memory scan for easy monitoring of commonly used channels.

The Simrad HT50 Handheld radios range is supplied with a powerful 1200mAh NimH battery. 12V charger and mains adaptor.

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